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Real Key Lime Pie
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Green Coconut
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Spanish Marie

( No reservations needed!)
------12 pm till 5 pm------
7 days a week 
Tours last 15-20 minutes






 (15 minutos)  Diariamente GRATIS  Tours: cada 20 minutos a partir de las 12 pm hasta las 5 pm todos los días 

Muestras gratuitas están disponibles todos los días.
¡Se admiten niños y mascotas!
Abierto de lunes a jueves de 11:00 a. M. A 6:00 p. M.
Viernes y Sábado 11:00 am a 7:00 pm
Domingos de 11:30 a 6:00 pm

Clase privada de mojito
para hasta 4 personas

los viernes y sábados


Nuestro Ruminizer (desinfectante) ha ayudado a más de 14,000 personas en Key West y los Cayos de Florida de forma gratuita y también lo utilizan médicos, enfermeras, el Departamento de Policía de Key West, el alguacil del condado de Monroe, hogares de ancianos y muchos más para enumerar. Si necesita ayuda, comuníquese con nosotros y veremos qué podemos hacer.

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Award Winning Rums

Key West First Legal Rum está abierto todos los días de 11 a. M. A 7 p. M., De lunes a sábado y domingos de 11 a. M. A 5 p. M. Ven a visitarnos los 7 días de la semana en
105 Simonton Street, Cayo Hueso, FLA.

TOURS ABSOLUTAMENTE GRATIS todos los días de 12 pm a 5 pm cada 20 minutos
¡Niños y mascotas bienvenidos!

 Clases privadas de mojito

Las primeras clases de mojitos legales en Key West son una de las verdaderas cosas que hacer en Key West. ¡Las clases privadas de mojitos de Key West First Legal Rum son una auténtica experiencia cubanoamericana que no debe perderse! Navegamos a Cuba para aprender el arte de hacer mojitos, y ahora compartimos ese arte con USTED.


La historia de la destilería de ron Key West First Legal es digna del ron que fabricamos y vendemos. 105 Simonton St es la ubicación original de 
Jack's Saloon en 1900 y la embotelladora Original Coca Cola de Key West en 1903. Finalmente, 90 años después de la Prohibición, en 2012 Key West First Legal Rum abrió sus puertas. Key West, ron legal y Coca-Cola, juntos por fin.


 Explicamos en The Weather Channel cómo ayudamos a más de 15.000 personas con Ruminizer. Que hace  ¿Qué tienen en común la policía, los alguaciles, los médicos, los ciudadanos y cualquier persona que lo necesite en los Cayos de Florida y Key West? ¡Todos huelen a ron legal! Mira aquí

Key West First Legal Rum officialrum Conch Republic

Featured in Top 11 Distilleries in Florida

We are featured in top 11 distillers in Florida.
Here is what they say:
"This distillery makes some amazingly delicious flavoured rum. You will want to try the coconut, key lime or any of them really! The specialty rums are distilled 6 times. Everything is natural and made purely."


¡Aprenda la historia "REAL" sobre la española Marie, la notoria corredora de ron, tal como la descubrimos y por qué es honrada con Bad Bitch Rum! Ir a


We consider our self-trained mojito masters. Why you ask?  We sailed to Cuba on the Schooner Wolf and were the first Americans to Run Rum to Cuba. Now you would say it takes some huevos to bring rum from Key West to Cuba, as they have amazing rum. We wanted to say thank you for the 80 some years that they ran rum to Key West and the Florida Keys by buying them a round with ours! 
The bonus that was given to us by the Cuban people was training us how to make Cuban Mojitos, as they make the best. My name is Paul Menta, menta means "mint" in spanish so i better make a dam good one!
We went to the famous and not so famous bars, homes and drinking places and we shown the secrets with the techniques on how to make a Real Mojito!

We now share this information in classes with The Key West Mojito Rums we make. Our goal is to train you to make them and enjoy with your family and friends and be the place that "The Mojito Party" happens.


Enjoy The Life Shots With Our Distinctively Rich &  Expertly Distilled American Legal Rum

We consider it a responsibility to provide everyone with a quality bottle of expertly and thoroughly produced legal rum. Even the most discriminating consumers will be impressed by the richness and deliciousness of our rum, which has been produced with the highest-quality ingredients as well as masterfully fermented. At our distillery, we mix conventional methods with cutting-edge technology to produce a rum experience that is genuinely exceptional and unforgettably memorable. You'll be able to tell the difference that our dedication to quality creates from the very first sip to the very last. We offer something for everyone, whether you are an experienced rum drinker or are just beginning your journey into the world of spirits. From traditional white rum to rich, matured kinds that have been stored for many years in oak barrels, our selection of rums has something for everyone. Each one is painstakingly made to fulfill our strict requirements for flavor and quality. Pick our legal rum to set a stander event for beginnings, you can be certain that our rum is perfectly distilled and manufactured from the finest ingredients. But we take great pride in our dedication to sustainability and community as well. We work closely with our neighborhood and only utilize the best locally available ingredients to make sure that our production methods are both socially and environmentally sustainable. Our top-class American legal rum offers an excellent selection whether you're having a fun night out with buddies or relaxing at home. It will quickly establish itself as a mainstay in your spirits collection because of its superb quality and smooth flavor. Don't just sit back; taste our delicious, high-quality legal rum right off the bat to discover the difference.

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